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New Ray of Life with Teacup Pig

My daughter is very fond of pets and the new range of teacup pigs fascinated her a lot. This was my main reason to take the decision of bringing the small piggy home. I was not aware of the things to take care of these pigs, but made a brief study about them and even talked to the breeders to understand the nature of these pets.

These creatures are odor free and clean giving fullest loyalty to their masters. I realized that it was far easy to train teacup pig and he learnt toilet training within two days. He is very affectionate and goes well with my daughter. I don’t have to clean house quite often because the pet doesn’t shed any fur. They have hair on their body, like human beings. They enjoy playing with my daughter and gets great along with her toys. My daughter has got a company now and they’ve become great companions.

New Ray of Life with Teacup Pig

We have a backyard at home, where the kid and pig play. There is even a spot for pig for toileting. We have fixed a proper diet system for the pig and it has grown up to 15 inches within one year. I think that is enough for the size and we don’t expect that it would grow any larger. Whenever I am back from the office, I love to see my kid and the pig playing and it occupies her fully into games. It even takes care of my daughter and behaves too nicely with her. I have to make sure that they don’t do any peeping in kitchen as both of them create a mess by opening the lower drawers or cupboards.

Our experience with teacup pig is great and we’ve given full love to the pet to make sure that it gets great time for us.